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Announcing Opening Spot for Guest Bloggers

A blog /journal is a wonderful addition to a product selling website, if the blog/journal gets attention on a regular basis. If I get the time and or ambition to blog... it's about twice a year and that's just not enough for it to be a vital and purposeful Blog. So I am stuck with a dilemma that just keeps growing.
That's why I am reaching out today to my friends and customers. I don't have the time to dedicate and write about my products or write stories that could incorporate them and share them on social networks. 
Are you maybe looking to fulfill a need to write stories ab out products for special causes like Child Abuse Prevention Awareness or Suicide Prevention Awareness ? Guest posts on our website just $50
We are looking for guest bloggers/authors who share our passion for handcrafted artisan jewelry on Alexa Martha Designs Guest Journal /Blog and are willing to market us socially to their friends and followers. We are looking for individuals who are in love with our jewelry and want to tell others about it in  word on our blog/journal. 
We are looking for individuals who are passionate about the causes we support and help raise awareness to Sexual Child Abuse Prevention Awareness. I designed a totally hip copper and silver jewelry line called LOVE HEALS HURT, but not many know about it. I like to comfort the wounded through my jewelry, because of that I would like to reach out to more people.
Another cause very close to my own heart is Suicide Prevention Awareness. 
Alexa Martha Designs aka Lexi Butler Designs is not just another jewelry business. Alexa Martha Butler designs each piece of jewelry with purpose and handcrafts them with passion hence the tagline "Purpose with a Passion" 
Interested? Contact us! 
Who knows it might just be what you need too.
Great things come to those that put others first...It goes without saying great efforts will be rewarded.

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