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What is Matter Copper, and its uses?

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Copper is one of the elements of the periodic table and is a transitional metal. It is reddish-brown and an excellent conductor of electricity. Basaltic lavas are its main source. One of the properties Copper has that makes it useful is to form a series of alloys. It is one of the most widely used metals for many purposes in industries and at homes here; we have listed some copper uses for you.
Copper Teardrop Bangle by Alexa Martha Designs
 Conduction of electricity:
Since Copper is metal and has free electrons, it is used for the conduction of electricity. Copper is a widely used metal for wiring at homes because of its very high conductivity. Moreover, it has other properties like high ductility. Since it is a soft metal, it can easily be molded and joined. Lastly, it's corrosion resistance is very high. These properties make Copper the best choice for electrical conductivity.
 While Silver might have high electrical conductivity, it readily gets oxidized, which results in rusting. Copper is cheaper and has set its standard of being the best metal for this choice.
Copper Sculpted Angelwing Earrings by Alexa Martha Designs
  Copper plays a part in human health:
While Copper has multiple uses in different industries, it is essential for the human body. It is surprising how much our bodies depend on it for numerous reasons. Most of all, it is vital for the brain development of fetal and post-natal growth. For maintaining a healthy brain, Copper plays a vital role in the body. Secondly, it helps in the growth of new blood vessels, wound healing, the heart's structure, and many more.
 Since humans cannot directly ingest Copper, it needs to be a part of the diet we eat. Fish, nuts, chickpeas, and meat contain Copper. It is crucial for the human body because deficiency of Copper can lead to many diseases.
 Lastly, it is used in the medicinal industry to treat chest wounds and inflammation in arthritis. There have been researches going on about Copper's use in anti-ulcer and anti-inflammatory medicine. Also, studies showed that many bacteria could not survive on the Copper surface like it does on platinum. This finding has led to the installation of copper beds in hospitals instead of platinum.
Copper Hammered 3-pack Bangle Bundle by Alexa Martha Designs
 Jewelry's best friend:
Two properties of Copper: resistance from corrosion and ductility, make it perfect for making accessories. Jewelry making uses alloying of Copper with Gold and Silver. 
 Copper accessories are beautiful because of their orange, red color. For over decades, Accessory making uses Copper. However, Copper is not enough for jewelry. That is why zinc and tin pair with it to give it strength. The most used copper alloys are brass and bronze. 
 Suppose copper accessories leave a green mark on the skin; there is nothing to worry about because they are not permanent. Secondly, as mentioned earlier, our bodies need Copper for multiple processes. Simultaneously, Copper accessories help our skin absorb Copper in small amounts, which improves Copper deficiency, which may lead to pale skin.
First Ever Copper Spinner Necklace by Alexa Martha Designs
 Sterling silver:
Copper and Silver mix together to form sterling silver. It is widely used in the making of jewelry and has many benefits. This Silver is widely used all around the world and is a quality standard. The making of utensils, tableware, and accessories use Sterling silver, which is tougher than gold.
 One of the benefits of wearing sterling silver is that it is hypoallergic; this is one of the Copper's properties; it makes the wearables non-irritating. Some metals like nickel might irritate the skin and cause allergies; sterling Silver is less likely to cause any skin diseases. 
 Gold Alloy:
Pure gold is very soft for everyday wear, and as a result, Copper is added to it to strengthen it. After mixing Copper with gold, it gives gold properties like corrosion resistance, making it usable for making accessories. Addition of copper results in a dark pink color. 18K yellow gold is the most used in jewelry making. 
 Home services:
Copper is being used in the roofing of homes and has proven to be very beneficial from an economic point and the beauty they add to the house. Firstly, copper roofs look very beautiful and add to the aesthetic of the home. Secondly, they are long-lasting because of the earlier mentioned properties of Copper. Since Copper does not readily react with air and get oxidized, it is not very prone to corrosion. However, Copper's best part is that even when it gets weathered, the green color adds beauty to the roof instead of looking rusted.
 Copper roofs are very economical since Copper is not a very expensive metal. Furthermore, Copper has a lovely color as to why it does not need to be painted or does not require any finishing. 
Out of a million Copper uses, we have listed a few for you, so next time you need to choose your house wiring, you know what the best choice is. While Copper may be a part of your big decisions, do not forget the tiny ones, making your accessories.
We have told you all the Copper properties. The next time you see a copper wire lying around the house, go ahead, make your accessories, a

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