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Stainless Steel Gold Druzy Cuff

Original design by Alexa Martha

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Raise Awareness Jewelry Kits

We are featuring and  presenting for the first time the Lexi Butler Designs "Raise Awareness Jewelry Fundraising Kit" which will include several artisan made awareness jewelry and accessory items with a 20% off coupon.  The main kit will be displayed in pink for breast cancer awareness, but can be customized in any one or two awareness colors. We will be offering the awareness colors of the main Cancers, purple for Pancreatic Cancer, blue for Colon Cancer/Colorectal Cancer, black for Skin Cancer, green for Liver Cancer, light blue, Esophageal Cancer, yellow for Bone Cancer, lavender for General Cancer, crystal for Brain Cancer. There will be options available to put your kit together in your desired one color as well. We are excited to offer the hand crafted Raise Awareness Jewelry Kit to you.




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