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Care for your handmade copper jewelry from Lexi Butler Designs

All of our jewelry at Lexi Butler Designs is made from either pure copper, brass, sterling silver or sterling silver filled. All of our jewelry when possible is protected with a hypoallergenic coating to prevent tarnishing. 

Our new copper, gemstone and crystal lanyards- Wear your badge with style


However it is advisable to make  sure any lotions and/or perfumes are absorbed into your skin before you wear any jewelry. Apply all hair products, especially hair spray, before you put on the jewelry. hairspray leaves a fine residue on jewelry and becomes an irremovable coating over time.  Remove your jewelry before swimming, an invigorating workout or prior to bedtime. When you remove your jewelry at the end of your day, take a couple of minutes to wipe it off with a jewelry cloth with a soft cloth.  Never use tissues or paper towels for your jewelry bought from Lexi Butler Designs. These products will only scratch the jewelry, which will detract from the beauty of the pieces. Do not use polishing cloths or other cleaning agents such as pastes or jewelry cleaners on your jewelry purchased at Lexi Butler Designs. Likewise do not emerge your jewelry in water for a prolonged time. 

Bare Copper Cross Bangle - Dare to show your faith

If you live in a humid place we encourage you so always store your beautiful jewelry in a dry dark place. Always take off your jewelry before swimming, showering or cleaning. The water and chemicals used during these activities could cause the item to become dull.
Certain medication can turn your skin green, but we are preventing this from happening, by coating our jewelry. How ever, all pieces of jewelry like movable parts can not be coated. For example copper wire wrapped links of a chain, for this would make the chain stiff. All wire used in necklace that are part of a chain have a factory anti tarnish coat on and is most likely not to tarnish your skin. We encourage you to buy copper jewelry as it has many benefiting health aspects, of course non of which are proven, but only experienced buy other customers as well as the designer herself. 

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