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Stainless Steel Gold Druzy Cuff

Original design by Alexa Martha

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This magnificent gemstone bangle is artisan made out of one piece of about 7 feet copper wire 14 gauge. The wire is uniquely looped into eight shaped figures.

The hand crafted bangle could probably be named Infinity bangle, because the figure eight wire looping just keeping going until it ends in a hand sculpted and hammered open heart closure on one side and on the other site with a large twisted loop closure. Yet both ends fit seemingly together as if one.

After it is formed into shape and hammered where need to be, the bangle is buffed with steelwool to remove and cuff marks and tumbled to a high shine.

Then the 6 mm genuine amethyst gemstone beads get wire wrapped on with 26 gauge silver wire.

Each bangle is about 3/4 inch wide

We offer this awesome bangle for a 6,7,8 and 9 inch wrist with price increase.

Expect each bangle to be a bit different due to it being hand crafted.

  1. This bracelet is so beautiful. amethyst is my favorite stone. This kind of jewelry would go with so many of my outfits.


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