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How Charities Raise Money by Choosing Alexa Martha Designs & ClearGivers

Alexa Martha designs at ClearGivers

Ever since I renamed my business to Alexa Martha Designs in Dec of 2020 doors have been flying open to invite me to new business ventures. 

The offer to do something really cool came in the email from ClearGivers

The ClearGivers platform.

How does it work?

It's simple - like a wedding registry!

Here's how:

  • ClearGivers' verified charities fill their shopping carts ...
  • ClearGivers' donors make a donation, then choose items to buy from those carts ...
  • One of our approved local sellers sends or delivers your purchases to the charity.

And that's it - it's literally a triple-win!

Alexa Martha Designs has been approached by ClearGivers and we have Partnered. You will only be able to view our products listed on ClearGiver if you are an approved charity. Ultimately, whether you're a donor, a charity, or a seller, register and make an immediate impact, today.

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