A New Magnificent Piece of Jewelry in the Lexi Butler Designs Vault

This month featured new item in the Lexi Butler Designs Vault is a masterpiece.
I love to work with copper which has such a rich warm earthy color yet resembles the color of rose gold when polished.  I often use sterling silver and sometimes gold filled, sterling silver filled wire and brass wire in my hand crafted artisan made creations.
In the Lexi Butler Designs Vault, you will find Artisan made jewelry that is so unique that it can only be made once, due to the gemstone used, the techniques that I worked with at the time, or being in the moment of creating the piece. 
Here is the only place where you can find Lexi Butler Designs Elite Vault Collection. 
When you purchase from this collection, you truly purchase a piece of the artist's heart.
Enjoy the artist's newest piece in the collection
If you like a piece so much, but it's already sold, contact me for - Custom Pieces with the Item number and we might be able to work something out. 

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