Ohh, big joys come in small packages or small boxes don't they? Just like my Subscription Box, because I am both, a product designer and maker. Be assured you will get only the very best from me.

Just imagine every month you receive a unique hot pink padded envelope with a beautiful white laquered 3x5 inch box inside. A hot pink Alexa Martha Designs subscription box label is on it. You care fully open this sturdy gift box and you find securely packed and wrapped in colored tissue paper a gorgeous pair of my original designed earrings like these pictured in a bed of roses. My earrings are skillfully designed and then handmade by me from wholesome health beneficial copper, sterling silver, genuine gemstones, Swarovski crystals, and genuine original maui lava stone beads to be used with all type of essential oil. These are stone beads and will not fade.

In addition you will see special coupons and other tokens of my love in your box.

I use only wholesome metals

I only use copper and sterling silver in my designs and work. Furthermore for embellishment I use 14 KT gold filled not plated, Nothing will ever rub off or flake off my jewelry. Semi precious and precious gemstone get wir wrapped or wire woven in or attached to my jewelry designs. The only crystals I use are the original Swarovski Crystals, because of the brilliance the depth of the sparkle and cut. I emboss metal like I did on the earrings you will receive with your First "MY <3 2U Box.


Threader Hoop Earrings

Ideal for the busy women and girls 13 years and up on the go. The threader hoop earrings need no mirror and no glassess to find those tiny little holes in your ears.

what else is included every month in my Designer Earrings Subscription Box?

Every month, whether you order my subscription box just once or collect all 12 Subscription boxes, you will be blown away from the love and care you will receive all wrapped up in a 5x3 inch box. You will not only receive beautiful, carefully, passionately made product direct from the designers hand, but you will receive special coupon codes, and other special token of Love that are exclusive to my subscription box subscribers.

I want YOU to feel loved, cared for, cherrished and appreciated. As a special treat the earrings offered with MY <3 2U Subscription Box are price reduced over 15%OFF

Designer Earrings Subscription Box

Genuine Black Maui Volcanic Lava Stone Beads
To be used for absorption of fragrant essential oils to enjoy for a long while.
Special Coupons
Every Month only to Box Subscribers

Who is MY <3 2U Subscription Box For?

It's for essential oil lovers who love designer skillfully handmade artisan copper and sterling silver earrings with Genuine Black Maui Volcanic Lava Stone Beads that don't fade or rub off.

21 Subscriptions are only available as of now

The cost of this awesome "MY <3 2U" BOX is only $40.00 and shipping is free. There is one catch though.To make this box most enjoyable for you I can only accept a total of 25 monthly subscriptions. Please understand My box is not like any other boxes with chinese made stuff. Artisan who make things, give there heart away little by little to make the world a more wholesome place.

The April "MY <3 2U" Box is going to be send out to you on the 25th of March. This box will be send out within two days of your order until April 20th. I will send out the new MAY MY <3 2U BOX on 4/25/23 to be received by the 1st. of May.

Cancel by the 20th of the month to cancel your subscription for the next month. When you Subscribe to all 12 fantastic MY <3 2U Designer Lava Stone Earrings Subscription Boxes and get to chose your favorite birthstone crystal for an get an extra pair of earrings included from prior subscription boxes with your 12th subscription box.

The 25 customers that will subscribe will be blessed beyond measures,simply, because you can not measure Love when it is freely given.

"MY <3 2U Box"
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