7 Bare Copper Hammer Textured Bangle Bundle -Bangles /Bracelets - Alexa Martha Designs
7 Bare Copper Hammer Textured Bangle Bundle -Bangles /Bracelets - Alexa Martha Designs
7 Bare Copper Hammer Textured Bangle Bundle -Bangles /Bracelets - Alexa Martha Designs
7 Bare Copper Hammer Textured Bangle Bundle -Bangles /Bracelets - Alexa Martha Designs

7 Bare Copper Hammer Textured Bangle Bundle


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Our all time BESTSELLER is now available in a 7 Bangle Pack

Buy our handmade classic elegant shiny bare copper bangles, which you can wear single or stacked now in a 7 bangle bundle pack. I hammer the ends of each bangle flat first and I dramatically texture each bangle with a special hammer to achieve unique 3D pattern into the metal to harden and ridge the metal. The hammered ends are then rounded with a file and sanded. Than I sculpt each  flat wire into bangle with the help of a sturdy plastic pipe, my hands and my hammer.

  • Order 7 bangles in a bundle
  • Each made from10 gauge solid bare sturdy copper wire
  • Decorative hammered dramatic 3-D pattern on flattened ends
  • Rounded and smooth ends
  • Dynamic design to single or stack bangle
  • Sized for normal 7-inch wrist
  • The diameter is 2.5 inches and normal hand span
  • We also have LARGER BANGLES with a diameter of 2.75 inches
  • Bangles are waxed and polished against tarnishing
  • COPPER CARE sheet included
  • Made in Montana by Alexa Martha


The quickest way to make sure a bracelet from an online jewelry store will fit is to measure your wrist. My bangles vary a tiny bit in size as I only use hand tools and go by eye to forge them into their shape with muscle power.

The use of copper bracelets centers on reducing the joint pain and stiffness associated with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. For believers as the artisan Alexa Martha Butler, herself is one, this translates into more freedom of movement and joint flexibility. Although worn on the wrist, the bare copper bracelets may be beneficial to stiff joints throughout the entire body.  Copper is a metal that tarnishes. It is then when the healing can take place.

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Alexa Martha Designs ~ Purpose with a Passion

Handmade Jewelry from Montana

by jewelry Designer Alexa Martha

The originally designed
AS SEEN ON MOLLY RINGWALD GOLD FILLED FILIGREE PEARL CHOKER NECKLACEwas worn As Seen on TV by Molly Ringwald in Riverdale 2 Season Episode 1 (A Kiss Before Dying)

AS Seen On
Maisie Williams

SUPER SPARKLY CRYSTAL BLING RINGThis ring model was part of the Lexi Butler Designs Display at The 2016 Emmy's Celebrity Gift Lounge Maisie Williams is wearing our Original Designs of Lexi Butler Designs  Super Sparkly Crystal ABx2 Swarovski Crystal Shank Button Ring. Maisie said quote: "They are really special!"

Customer Reviews

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Such A Pretty Choker

I am so glad I got one of these chokers before they are sold out. This is such a pretty choker and so well made. No wonder Molly Ringwald wore it on Riverdale. Shipping was super fast too.

Teresa W

So Much Love

I wanted to thank you for making these. I lost my nephew last year to suicide. Even so it is just a necklace, it is a beautiful reminder to help those that are struggling with life. People see my beautiful necklace and I tell them why I wear it and get to tell other people about my nephew.

Thankful Customer

What a nice surprise in these little beauties!! Can be reassured that every month you are getting a well made set. Alexa puts her heart and soul in her work and it shows!! These can be worn casual or a nite on the town

Vicky Heinsohn


Well, we do not, but many of our products are sold locally, nationally and internationally on more then 200 ecommerce websites. You also will be able to purchase some of our bestselling items in Globe AZ, in the Copper Splash Gallery and the Pickle Barrel.

Currently the order processing time from order received, proceed until order shipped status is 2-5 business for retail orders and 4-10 days for wholesale orders. Everything is handcrafted, only hand tools are being used in the manufacturing process of our handmade jewelry.

Solid Copper, solid sterling silver, 14 KT gold fill, not plated, real semi precious and precious gemstones, real and authentic Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls, leather, wood and more.

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