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Montana Madae Featured Artisan Lexi Butler

Lexi Butler Designs is a handmade jewelry business based in the Rocky Mountains in Missoula Montana, USA.  I was born into a jewelry-making family in Germany. and grew up in my Father's business learning to be around tools from a very early age. I followed my passion to do something creative in life with metal and gemstones and became a goldsmith/jewelry designer. I worked at my Father's company for many years.

I immigrated with my Iowa born husband, son and all my tools to the beautiful state of Montana in 1996 where I made my US Citizenship several years later. Our little family grew and I decided to put my career on hold till our daughter went to first class.

From there I slowly began my journey to getting back into the jewelry making business while the kids were in school. I took online classes in web building, watched tutorials, learned, became familiar and have mastered many of todays jewelry making techniques like wire-weaving, wire-wrapping, complex bead work just to name a few. I have showcased some of my custom made work here in the Custom Designs Gallery

2015 I restructured and launched Lexi Butler Designs as an online business only. I still love being creative, using my hands to create works of art and creating something that someone, somewhere in the world will love to wear!

In 2016 I was featured on local TV as Montana made Artisan for my wire sculpted jewelry. Some of my jewelry was also Seen On TV on Riverdale and Jane The Virgin trough The Artisan Group.

Today you can find Lexi Butler Designs on over 200 retailer websites, in several brick and mortar retail locations like Indie Goods Market in Raley, NC

Lexi Butler in her workshop/office

In Memory of my Father

Rudolf Joos Goldsmith/Jewelry Designer
My father, Rudolf Joos, passed away from Liver Cancer on March 16th, 2014. He was almost 82 years old. He was not only my father but also my greatest teacher during the many years I worked in his company. From him, I have not only learned the trade of goldsmithing /jewelry designer and fine craftsmanship but also inherited the art to express uniqueness in design and to stand out as a fellow jewelry designer. I know it would have made him proud because he admired my work, creativity, and unique designs. Rest in Peace Dad!
Lexi Butler Owner/CEO
Lexi Butler Designs 
P.O.Box 17675
Missoula, MT 59808
Biz Hours 9am-5pm MST