As Seen On TV

In 2018 I was featured on local TV on the segment "Montana Made" for the art of wire sculpting.

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About Alexa Martha

Explore the world of Alexa Martha, a renowned jewelry designer and goldsmith. With her expertise in wire sculpting, she creates stunning pieces that showcase her artistic vision. Additionally, she expresses her creativity through painting on canvases with acrylics and composing music. Be sure to check out her exceptional collection of six CDs!


How it All began

Alexa Martha Designs is a small home-based jewelry business in Montana that features handmade artisan jewelry. Truly unique designs made with exceptional craftsmanship.

Purpose with a Passion

Alexa Martha, immigrated from abroad, born of a German jewelry-making family. She grew up in her father's business and learned to be around tools from a very early age.

From Abroad

This grew a fire in her to do something creative in life with metal and gemstones and so she became a goldsmith/jewelry designer with journeyman 's degree

On Her mission in 1986

Years after Alexa had met her American soulmate Timothy and had started a little family in the Black Forrest. Then they transplanted to his home Montana.

Found her soulmate in Germany

After their second child went to school, Alexa started back making jewelry with the tools she had brought with her from the old country and simple materials. First she started selling on local markets and fairs.

Returned to making jewelry in 2004

After many years of building up her business, Lexi Butler Designs was finally launched as an online only business.

LBD was launched in 2015

Alexa Martha Butler is a "Montana Made" featured designer whose designs were modeled by Celebs like Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones, Molly Ringwald from Riverdale and many others.

2016, 2017 As Seen On TV

After a Spiritual awakening, it was renamed as Alexa Martha Designs. Which then took off like a wild fire.

AMD since 2020

Today Alexa Martha has designed over 250 jewelry products on site which are being sold worldwide on Verishop, Modesens, the Editorialist, among others.

Available on Verishop & Modesens

My Office

Alexa Martha

Alexa Martha Designs Workshop

Time to get away

Sunset over the Water

I started to paint in acrylics as an outlet to deal with my emotions. I was severely abused in a prior relationship 35 + years ago. I have since painted a few more

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Spontaneous Creations

I composed 3 CD's with Piano Solos and 3 CD's with various compositions, utilizing synthesized instruments and nature.

More Info

70 lbs Weightloss

At 205lbs I said looking at myself: "Where is this going?". At the age of 54, that was the beginning of a journey to start eating right, exercising like crazy, and getting back in shape. Today 4 years later I have kept off 60 lbs. and feel great with just 145lbs.

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