LOVE-HEALS-HURT - Child Abuse Awareness Jewelry-Lexi Butler Designs

LOVE-HEALS-HURT - Child Abuse Awareness Jewelry

      LOVE-HEALS-HURT Raise Sexual Child Abuse Prevention Awareness and Survivorship Awareness with Alexa Martha Designs beautiful handcrafted hammered copper silver and gemstone bracelets, necklaces, cufflinks, earrings, rings.

      Alexa Martha Designs - Purpose with a Passion

      So precious yet so delicate are the wings of a butterfly and when touched it can break and never fly again. So the butterfly wings remind us of abused children who are as delicate as butterfly wings and are easily broken, hence the sterling silver wire wrap which symbolizes also a broken heart through the pain endured.

      An important symbolic meanings butterfly's wings bring is renewal. The wings of a butterfly are  often seen as a symbol of transformation and change. The decorative and colorful wings of a butterfly denote humans to fly free and live fulfilled lives.

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