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Alexa Martha Designs - purpose with a Passion

A  Copper Interlocking Full overlap Bangle i\with pink sparkly background

My Purpose and Passion is to bring Beauty, Insight and Understanding to your World

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Alexa Martha Designs Featured in Brides Magazine

2024 The Bare Copper Hammered Textured Bangle was named #4 of the 15 Best Copper Anniversary Gifts for Your Seventh Anniversary (and Beyond)

An array of four chosen 7year anniversary gifts included our Copper hammer textured Bangle

Alexa Martha Designs has the perfect handmade copper Anniversary Gift for your spouse of seven years and beyond

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An array from 5 pair of 6mm sterling silver spiral crystal earrings studs by Alexa Martha Designs
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Big Screen Celebs Modeled my jewelry proudly

Famous Celebrities seen in AMD pieces.

From the left top row: Ashley Liao, Maisie Williams from Games of Thrones, Molly Ringwald from Riverdale, Asia Monet Ray Neal Brown Jr., from Seals Team, and more. In 2019 I visited Vienna and the Swarovski House


Like a kid in the Candy Store
As Seen On TV Swarovski

Alexa Martha Designs prioritizes ethical and sustainable material sourcing as part of its dedication to ethical business practices. This enhances the brand's favorable reputation as a socially concerned company and is consistent with the values of consumers who care about the environment.

I'm Alexa Martha

professional jewelry Maker & Designer

With a German background in professional jewelry making for 12 years and many years of schooling myself in learning various jewelry making techniques I bring a lot to the party.
More About Me

Alexa Martha Designs is more than jewelry

Acrylic paintings

I paint to deal with my emotions of past abuse and neglect to find peace and soothe my soul.

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Join my class to maybe learn something new and become part of my wire sculpting community. All materials are included

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I just published my First Compositions on Spotify "Time To Relax" Instrumentals

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