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How to Take Care of Your Copper and Silver Jewelry from Alexa Martha Designs

Taking care of copper jewelry  does not have to be a big thing. Alexa the owner and designer from Alexa Martha Designs imparts her knowledge about this subject in easy understanding way.




Limited Special Edition Covid Memorial Jewelry
Introducing the Limited Special Edition Covid memorial Jewelry Line from Alexa Martha Designs aka Lexi Butler Designs
Meet our New Retailer Elizabeth Leigh Boutique
    It is with excitement that I am writing this post today. I like to introduce to you our newest online and instore retailer with whom I have partnered up. Elizabeth Leigh Boutique  discovered Alexa Martha Designs Authentic Handcrafted Jewelry made...
What Is Artisan Made?
When the Label Says ARTISAN, What Does That Mean? Artisan is Not a Label! It's about being able to make useable, wearable sellable things with your hands for others to wear or enjoy otherwise.
ALEXA MARTHA DESIGNS - Purpose with a Passion

ALEXA MARTHA DESIGNS - Purpose with a Passion

What's behind the name change? Read all about it here.

Dear friends, I have exiting news, worth blogging about! I know it has been a while since I last blogged, but for good reason. Lexi Butler Designs experienced explosive growth in growing a substantial customer base, for which I just want to voice my THANK YOU, because through this difficult time you kept faithfully ordering from me.


It's Here - Introducing the In Memory Of Bracelet
A blog post about the devastation cancer leaves behind and a meaning way to remember the people we love. Introducing the customizable " In Memory Of Bracelet".
Is that a Real Swarovski Crystal?
How can one really tell that there is a real Swarovski crystal on that ring? Don't just be blown away by the dazzle and beauty of this ring, but know what you investing your money in. Read my blog and then comment. I like to know if it has helped you Identify the real thing from a fake.
Druzy Jewelry - Like it? Love it? How do you know its the real Stuff?
How do I know Its Real Druzies in my jewelry? Druzy Jewelry it's for sure a hot boho trend this year again. It involves taking minerals or stones that contain naturally formed crystals and dying them most of them anyway with the...
Our Feature in the Fashion Studio Magazine Holiday Shopping Guide
Lexi Butler Designs 2 Best Sellers Are Featured in the Fashion Studio Magazine Holiday Shopping Guide
Do you like copper?
An informative read about how Lexi fell in love with the metal copper. Let her take you on a journey into he past.
Lexi Butler Designs-Rediscover Yourself Again and Again...
What is Lexi Butler Designs all about? Read my story...
What's the hype about the New Vertical Bar Necklaces?
Our customers are hyping about our New Vertical Crystal Bar Necklaces. Here you can see why! My lovely daughter Helen is modeling our newest Tiny Super Sparkly Vertical Crystal Bar Necklace is in  14 kt rose gold filled wire wrap...
The Benefits of Stainless Steel Jewelry Versus Aluminum Jewelry by Lexi Butler
Lexi Butler who is a Montana Made local featured on Tv Jewelry Designer and Artisan wrote this informative and interesting blog post about the Benefits of Handmade Stainless Steel jewelry versus Aluminum Jewelry.
Lexi's Favorite Pieces from the Custom Work Gallery
As a local artisan/jewelry designer featured on the TV New's Segment "Montana Made" I get commissioned to do custom work. I do not shy away from custom order requests, because I have never done them. I feel as a designer and the person...
New Lexi Butler Designs Jewelry Collection Kick-Off - Explore our New Handcrafted Angel Wing Jewelry Collection and find your signature look today in shiny sterling silver and copper. 10%off every item in the Angel Wing jewelry collection until June 10th....
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Saving You Dinero Blog Features 5 Mother's Day Gifts by Lexi Butler Designs
As a mom, I love to add a few pieces of beautiful and affordable jewelry pieces to my collection. I also want it to be unique. I came across Lexi Butler Designs. Any Mom in your life would love a beautiful...
What is Wire Sculpted Jewelry? By Jewelry Designer Lexi Butler
What is wire sculpted jewelry? Read all about it in Lexi Butler's new Lexi Butler Designs News.
Lexi Butler Designs Featured On Local TV
Montana Made: Lexi Butler Designs Posted: Jan 23, 2018, 9:05 AM Updated: Jan 23, 2018, 10:45 AM MST (MISSOULA) Bending, twisting, weaving, and wrapping -- Lexi Butler has always had a love for designing jewelry. Growing up in Germany, Butler...