Why is it difficult for businesses to get reviews for their orders?

Maybe a little Bias

As the creator, maker, and owner of Alexa Martha Designs, I might be a little biased, but I truly believe that our handmade artisan jewelry is among the best nationally. And it seems that many others agree with me as you will find out all throughout Alexa Martha Designs website! 76 legit  5 star reviews...wohoo, ahh but wait there is also 1 that is a one star and one a 3 star. That ruins a  5.0

Content or Unhappy

 Contented people often remain silent, while happy customers tend to express their joy through reviews. Unhappy individuals, on the other hand, are more likely to vent their frustrations rather than share their happiness. I sure had one or two among those reviews who were 1 or 3 star, one saying, because the review request email came early he left a 1 star review, saying in the review that he's sure his wife is going to love it. The thing with bad reviews like that it only hurts the company you purchasing from. Think about that, mad want to get even in a review.


Financial incentives may lead to positive reviews. However, there is a risk of people claiming they've been paid or that the reviews lack thoughtfulness and are generic. This could be problematic if customers feel deceived when reading the reviews, leading to negative feedback without purchase or reports of a misleading product.

Usually the case

Typically, reviews come from extremely dissatisfied or extremely satisfied individuals, with more dissatisfied people leaving reviews. It all boils down to whether you desire honest feedback or simply a higher star rating.

Proof me wrong

Imagine yourself and those you know. Who reviews products, services, and restaurants? Those who are extremely satisfied or extremely dissatisfied. The middle ground is for individuals who review everything or have no other purpose in life, not the ‘average’ person.

Thank you

Thank you to my many customers who left a 5-star review!


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