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Several of the Lexi Butler Designs products have been reviewed and featured by Influencer Laura Gontchar Blogs At  www.CelebrateWomanToday.com which is Liked by 47807 people on Facebook, followed on Twitter by 63800 people, followed on Pinterest by 19500 people.
I met Laura Gontchar through Hubba which is a product information network for brands and retailers to share product content, such as images, videos, documents, marketing and promotional materials, and more. 
Please take the time to visit her incredible Blog and read about our product Features/Give Aways. Enjoy Laura's  spectacular Photography she took of our products.


Valentine’s Day Gifts Of Heart, Soul And Care #MyValentine


Read It - Relevance of Beautiful Jewelry Is Sign of A Classic #HeartThis

Lexi Butler Designs is a small company specializing on classic designs of beautiful jewelry for women. The quality and inspiration you get is priceless.

Read It - Pink Jade Stone And Jade Jewelry by Lexi Butler Designs

July 7th, 2017
Pink Jade Stone And Jade Jewelry by Lexi Butler Designs make a bold statement in your jewelry wardrobe. Check out the properties the jade stone is known for