How to measure your size for Best Seller Bangles

Alexa Martha Designs AS SEEN IN BRIDES-BARE COPPER HAMMER TEXTURED BANGLE NOW 3 SIZES are handmade, hand sculpted, hand shaped, hand formed. My small size bangles are 2 3/8" in inside diameter. My medium size bangles are 2 1/2 inches in diameter. My large bangles are 2. 5/8" inches in diameter. All measurements are as exact as possible, but No bangle is exactly round. Every single bangle will be slightly different, which is the beauty of handmade in itself. My mission is to design wholesome and wearable jewelry you can be comfortable wear and also love, cherish and enjoy my jewelry  or a long time to come. I design jewelry for men and women alike. Find all available bangles >>> HERE at Alexa Martha Designs

Small Bangle 2 3/8" diameter = 7 1/2" length

Medium Bangle 2 1/2 " diameter = 8" length

Large bangle 2 5/8" diameter = 8 1/4" length

How to measure your wrist fro our bestselling bangles mentioned in brides Mag.