Handcrafted Aqua Blue Artisan Jewelry Modeled By Rose Montana-Lexi Butler Designs

Handcrafted Aqua Blue Artisan Jewelry Modeled By Rose Montana


      Enjoy our curated handcrafted Aqua and Blue Artisan Made Jewelry Collection modeled by our Rose Montana.  

      About Rose:

      Rose Mt. was born & bred in Montana. She tried to move away a few times, however, her Adoptive Mother preferred keeping her 9 children on a very long leash!!! Montana will always be home, no matter where she roams. Meeting Lexi has indeed resulted in a special collaboration between 3 friends!! An artist-Lexi, A dancer-Larry & a willing partner in crime- Rose!! All 3 do what they love & love what they do!! And..urge others to do the same, for we only live once & we should live well, free & in peace!! "The Greatest gift we can give to another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own"!!

      Lexi Butler Designs Aqua an Blue Artisan Jewelry modeled by Rose Montana  Rose Montana is modeling Lexi Butler Designs Blue and Aqua  Artisan Made Jewelry