Cuff Size Chart

Stainless Steel LOVE Stamped Bangle with Gold Druzy wire wrapped in gold onto the bangle-Alexa Martha Designs

Figuring out your cuff size:

To ensure a proper fit, please use the following guidelines to help you select the appropriate cuff size

  • Cut a 1/4 inch wide strip of paper long enough wrap around your wrist .
  • Wrap the strip of paper around your wrist just below your wrist bone. 
  • Draw a line where it overlaps and cut through. 
  • Now cut 1 inch off the paper strip for the opening of the cuff
  • This is now the length of the cuff you will need for your wrist.

Please keep in mind that my Cuffs are meant to be worn snug, but not tight. The Stainless Steel Cuff is the only cuff that is not adjustable. All  other copper cuffs are minor adjustable. Most of my cuffs are offered in one size for a 6 1/2 - 7 inches wrist. I am sorry if your wrist is too small, but it is the most ordered size. There should not be more then 1/4 inch play.