Comeback of Old Favorites

For those that has known me since the beginning know that I have been in the jewelry designing business since 2008. They know that I am a designer of many jewelry making techniques and washed with many waters so to say!

The comeback this year which are already high in demand is the Beaded Bezel Jewelry!

There are a lot of tutorials out there, but not many are actually selling this beautiful type of jewelry. Reason being it it very tedious work which often takes many hours or days to complete. The individual beads are often less than 1 mm in size. This puts a great strain on the eyes. The results are however spectacular and can not be measured or compared with any other jewelry making technique. 

I myself enjoy this tedious work and find it very relaxing. I have included The Lexi Butler Designs Beaded Bezel Jewelry as a demonstration of my work in a complete different field. 

We hope that you will enjoy this Comeback of my old Favorites.


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