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The Frightening Snowman

I am taking orders here
My first ever acrylic original painting was sold one minute after I had put it on my FB profile to view. An acrylic painting of a frightening snowman coming for you. It is symbolizing that any harbored past hurts, experiences, and feelings that not have been dealt with, start one day coming for you. At least this how it has been in my experience dealing with abuse, resentment and lying to myself from over 30 years ago  and the residue it left behind. The way this painting was created is by layers of wiping away what was painted before.
  • Fine Print of the Original Acrylic Painting
  • Fine print Original Artwork by Jewelry Designer Alexa Martha Butler 
  • Fine Print Original Painting Size is 11"x14"
  • The size of the fine print is 11"x14" on wrap around Canvas
  • The high-quality photography for the prints was donated by #DaxPhotography
  • The original or prints are shipped between two sheets of cardboard, surrounded by filling stuff, flat in a large priority box.
  • Locally Featured Montana Jewelry Designer who Paints also

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