Lexi Butler Designs-Rediscover Yourself Again and Again...

Lexi Butler Designs is a small online home based business nestled in the Rocky Mountains in Montana. I offer a variety of unique handcrafted jewelry made with several jewelry-making techniques from silversmithing to complex beadwork.

Long Wire Wrapped Amethyst Hammer Forged Copper Flower Crystal Necklace- On my Etsy Site


I have always had a love for designing and creating jewelry. Growing up in Germany I followed in my Father's footsteps who was an accomplished Goldsmith and Jewelry Designer. You could always find me in his home-based workshop watching him work from my own little workbench. I became my Father's apprentice and made my journeyman's degree as a goldsmith and jewelry designer. I worked with my Father for nearly a decade. He past away in March of 2014 from a hard and long battle of Cancer.

Copper Pink and Black Breast Cancer Ribbon Bracelet

When I met my future husband and became a Mom to our son, I wanted to to be at home fulltime. So I put my career on hold indefinitely. As life throws curveballs at us sometimes, we decided for our little family and my tools to immigrate to Montana where my husbands family resided and we build a life there. 

After my daughter started going to school I started roaming the craft stores stuff to do. I ended up in the jewelry making section - what a coincidence! So I bought some wire some books and some beads and went home...that's how I got started. 

Forward to 2016, I launched my online business Lexi Butler Designs. Buying my handcrafted jewelry for yourself and for your loved ones is a great way to rediscover yourself again and to show your love, kindness, and support to others. With every piece of jewelry, you buy from me you buy a thoughtfully created piece of jewelry made with great love, passion, and meaning that went into the designing and crafting of each piece.

Whether you are single, have children, engaged to be married, married, divorced, disabled, fighting cancer, a cancer survivor or widowed you want you to feel wanted and good about yourself. You want to feel empowered, special, vibrant and embrace the beauty in your everyday life.

My purpose for designing unique artisan made jewelry (besides my passion and love for metal) is for you to rediscover yourself again and again..."




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