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Special VIP Invite From BonTon Department Store

Continuing on this journey with BonTon Close To HOme with Lexi Butler Designs Partnered in August of 2017
So I received this special VIP email invitation from #BonTon to go to Butte, MT on Wed 27th to a Meet and Greet where I interact with the customers in #Herberger's #Closetohome to tell them about my self and the story behind Lexi Butler Designs and my Products
Am I nervous? You bet I am ... I have only been waiting for a chance like that ever since I relaunched in 2014 as Lexi Butler Designs.  
My VIP spot will be from 4-6 pm. 
I am so very happy to announce that Tim my husband is accompanying me on this important trip. He is going to be my I have pictures when I come back. I will be blogging about this event with videos and pictures.
I will be blogging and be marketing this event on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and of course my website.
I hoping to show you many pictures and maybe even a video.
I still can not believe that is happening, it's an incredible opportunity for a small business owner.
The products below can be purchased in Herberger's in Butte, Kalispell and in Billings in Montana as well a here on our website

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