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Original design by Alexa Martha

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ÔĽŅOhhhh...¬†the beauty of stainless steel.

As a artisan jewelry designer, I love the possibility of mixing metals. Stainless steel looks great when combined with the soft color of silver and the yellow color of gold filled as shown here on my newest cuff. Even just finely sanded it has the luxurious color of palladium white gold. Stainless steel typically has a silver sheen, but, unlike silver, it will not tarnish and it is not susceptible to surface scratches very easy. 

Stainless steel is very resistant to rust, oxidation, and discoloration. It is a corrosion-resistant alloy which is ideal for long-lasting jewelry designs like my  STAINLESS STEEL LOVE STAMPED SILVER WIRE WRAP GOLD DRUZY BANGLE CUFF. My stainless steel jewelry is an excellent alternative for wearers with allergies and sensitivity to base metals such as nickel or brass.

Of Importance to those with allergies to certain base metals

Stainless steel is made up of iron, chromium, nickel, manganese, and copper.  The chromium is added as an agent to provide corrosion resistance.  Also, because it is non-porous stainless steel is extremely resistant against corrosion. Those with severe nickel allergies as I need to be aware that stainless steel does contain nickel as mentioned above.

Not all stainless steel jewelry is created equal... 316L is considered the best grade to use when allergic reactions are concerned. It is the type of stainless steel that is used in implants. Surgical steel, or better yet "implant" grade surgical steel is what you want...a grade that's meant for the use of the inside or on the human body and completely hypo-allergenic. This is the only stainless steel I use in my jewelry designs.

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Some have stated...

that the nickel in the stainless steel can cause a reaction with those that have severe nickel allergies. Woah, I thought, that's exactly the reason why I do not create jewelry containing nickel or offer it on my website is the fact that I myself have a severe allergy to nickel. So naturally when I read that I did my own research.


After I did research on stainless steel...you just read all about it, I decided to design a stainless steel bangle cuff and craft it by hand. I noticed stainless steel is a lot harder to work with than any other metal I worked with before. The results pertaining to the bangle stability, however, is unbeatable and will give the wearer a lifetime of enjoyment. I have been testing wearing the bangle since I made it and I am sure it is true that the containing nickel is bonded within the elements of the steel in such a way as to be held in a crystalline structure preventing any leaching.  Otherwise, I would have shown an allergic reaction to the nickel. I personally love this bangle.

I will however not make many of them due to the strength you need to be able to sculpt the ridged metal in to shape.

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Got 2 Have MOM Jewelry Bundle
Got 2 Have MOM Jewelry Bundle
Got 2 Have MOM Jewelry Bundle
Got 2 Have MOM Jewelry Bundle
Got 2 Have MOM Jewelry Bundle
Got 2 Have MOM Jewelry Bundle
Got 2 Have MOM Jewelry Bundle
Got 2 Have MOM Jewelry Bundle
Got 2 Have MOM Jewelry Bundle

Got 2 Have MOM Jewelry Bundle

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This Got 2 Have MOM Bundle was thoughtfully crafted for busy moms who never get to wear anything nice, due to a lack of time to shop. Now, those moms can experience the joy of wearing handmade beauty without the hassle, This beautiful handmade artisan jewelry bundle is presented in a beautiful sturdy white lacquered keepsake box.

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Copper Crystal Flower Blossom Spinner Necklace 1 Necklace

  • Original Design by Alexa Martha Butler
  • Lovely flower blossom playful¬† spinning design¬†
  • Helps you to stay focused
  • Solid copper, solid sterling silver
  • necklace length is 18 inches
  • Choose from Various Crystal Colors
  • Handmade in Montana¬†

Adjustable Hammered Copper Overlap Bangle for Him and Her 1 Bangle

  • Original Design by Alexa Martha Butler
  • Hammered overlapping thick bangle
  • Unique 8 gauge or 3mm thick bangle
  • Solid and bare copper
  • Bangle is Fitted for a normal 7-inch wrist
  • Diameter of bangle under 2.5"
  • Bangle adjusts to an 8-inch wrist
  • Copper Care
  • Handmade in Montana

MOM Stamped Copped Cuff 1 Cuff

  • ¬†Original Design by Alexa Martha
  • Like for women with joint problems like myself
  • Comfy snug Fit
  • Bangle is adjustable and fit most wrist sizes from 6 to 7 1/2 inches¬†
  • Handmade in Montana
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6 Stack Copper Multi Wrap Heart Crystal Ring 1 Ring

Original Design by Alexa Martha

  • 6 Stack Crystal Ring out of one piece of wire
  • Each ring will be different.
  • Solid 16 gauge structured sculpture
  • Made to order in selected sizes, 6,7,8
  • 10 mm Swarovski Crystal AB Heart
  • or 10 mm Swarovski Crystal Fuchsia Heart
  • Ring Crown about 1/2 inch
  • Ring Width to 3/4 inch expandable
  • Antiqued to show detail work.
  • Made in Montana
  • 12 Ways to Wear Stacked Rings



6 Stack Copper Multi Wrap Heart Crystal Bling Ring (Size)

Compared to Aluminum: 

 As a wearer of stainless steel jewelry I noticed it is a lot heavier than aluminum and does not tear, where aluminum on the other hand does and it is very lightweight (Stainless Steel is 3x heavier than aluminum). That's the reason why aircraft bodies and automobiles are made from aluminum - it is much lighter.

Can aluminum explode?

When aluminum is oxidized, its surface will turn white and sometimes pit. In extremely acidic or basic environments, aluminum may corrode rapidly with catastrophic results. Taken from this source: 


Aluminum have a very thin layer of chromium oxide which prevents any oxidation on stainless steel

 What does Aluminum do to the brain?

Aluminum, as a known neurotoxicant that contributes to cognitive dysfunction and may contribute to Alzheimer's disease. Meaning if aluminum enters the bloodstream by consumption or other means and fluxes into brain across the blood  stream, it can be deposited in the brain that way on a long term. Some factors like citric acid and parathyroid hormone (PTH), and vitamin D, can promote aluminum to enter the brain. But the redistribution of aluminum out of the brain is slow, so aluminum can be deposited in the brain for a long time. That alone should be the warning indicator that aluminum should be avoided.

The link below is one of my sources I came upon during my research.


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Wearing a copper bracelet every day can help you in many ways. It can help ease symptoms of arthritis, reduce stress, slow down the ageing process, boost your immunity, improve heart health and alltogether therefore make life more enjoyable and less painful.



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