ALEXA MARTHA DESIGNS - Purpose with a Passion

The final design:


Dear friends

I have exiting news, worth blogging about!

I know it has been a while since I last blogged, but for good reason. Lexi Butler Designs experienced explosive growth in growing a substantial customer base, for which I just want to voice my THANK YOU, because through this difficult time you kept faithfully kept ordering and keeping me super busy. So much has happened. Shown here are my sketches of my new Logo that's in the making still.Alexa Martha Designs logo

Lexi Butler Designs is now only on paper. After being led spiritually to this decision I strongly believe, that we must leave 2020 behind and become what were were meant to become all along. Alexa Martha Designs was born out of the need to break free from the past. 

Earlier on in year in, July I reconnected with a old friend I know from way back when...and she ask me if I could design a meaningful jewelry line for the Prevention of Sexual Child Abuse. She also started selling my jewelry in her store in TN. After prayerful consideration the designs just started to pour out and I designed and handcrafted one piece after the other for the Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Jewelry Line which was named HOPE. HEALS. HURT. knew I was on the right track, when my friend told me she loved it. 

About a week ago when I was working on the sculpted sterling silver butterfly wing earrings, I heard a voice saying... Alexa Martha ...yeah I know crazy, but I think I heard God speaking. In fact I know it was God, because when I ask my husband later that day he blurted out with the tag line "Purpose with a Passion"

So with said...Alexa Martha Designs~ Purpose with a Passion was born is all about having found my purpose in life and the passion for it! It is all about breaking free from the old abused me, to embrace today and everything that it entails.


Alexa Martha Butler


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