Celebrating The Irish In You and Me


St. Patrick was not  an Irishman named Patrick: He was actually born in Britten and named  Maewyn Succat.

According to the legend, he was sold into slavery in Ireland when he was a teenager, became religious, escaped back to England, became an ordained priest named Patrick and started converting all of the Irish Celtic pagans to Christianity


Even though St. Patrick’s Day is only a public holiday in a handful of countries– the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Newfoundland, Labrador and Montserrat – Irishness is celebrated around the world. 

At Lexi Butler Designs we celebrate the Irish Holiday St. Patrick's Day as well, with a unique collection of hand crafted artisan made wire wrapped clove leaf jewelry. 


Celebrate St. Patrick's  Day in style with our collection hand crafted artisan made wire wrapped light green  four leaf clover bracelets and necklaces.

Wear out green striped agate gemstone wire wrapped copper beaded crystal necklaces and bracelets around your wrist.

Just unique styles of shamrock jewelry like our 14K Gold Filled wire wrapped moss green  swarovski crystal glover leaf necklace with matching crystal dangles

 We carry a unique well hand crafted selection of St. Patrick’s Day jewelry in Lexi Butler Designs original designed in  style by Lexi Butler

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