Did you get all your Christmas Shopping Done?

If you're like me, I rather have a steaming cup of coffee and spend some time alone with the creator in quietness than standing in line somewhere on Black Friday Morning at 5 am just to get my hands on the latest trend on sale. 

When I was younger it was fun to do that, but as I got older these things just moved to the background. I remember this one Black Friday clearly, maybe because I got shoved out of the way by a woman who wanted what I grabbed. It was the last one. It really does not matter what it was and it's really not important anyway, because after all if you really think about it...I can't even remember what it was. The fact is that the woman felt she had to get violent and shove me to get what I have. What if ...?  

I bet you that the woman who shoved me does not remember me or what she was trying to grab either. That's ok... I rather offer a solution for that - shop online securely!

At Lexi Butler Designs you can do that shop securely since we opened our online shop doors in Aug. of  2014. You can browse our website for handmade artisan jewelry on all of your devices. You can take your time because nobody is going to push, shove or grab what you have in your shopping cart.You can leave your shopping cart and come back later or you can create a wishlist with your favorite items.You can enjoy the savings over and over, not just once on one day.

I design cool new jewelry all the time and the chance is the next time you visit our website, there probably going to be some new one of a kind design waiting for you to be purchased with a coupon code.

Have you checked out our wire-coiled butterfly necklaces yet? I guarantee you that you have not seen anything like it before.  

USE CHECKOUT CODE: "LOVEIT10" and save 10% off your order

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