Druzy Jewelry - Like it? Love it? How do you know its the real Stuff?

How do I know Its Real Druzies in my jewelry?
Druzy Jewelry it's for sure a hot boho trend this year again. It involves taking minerals or stones that contain naturally formed crystals and dying them most of them anyway with the most fashionable colors. Why you may ask?
Well, because of women like pink, rainbow, purple, silver, gold colors etc. And the result of dyed agate druzy in artisan-made jewelry is jewelry that's sparkles and most likely utterly unique - and the perfect addition to your collection. What's perhaps the best about Druzy Jewelry ( or at least for me)  is its versatility and the abundance of geometrical shapes in which they are available.
This is especially important for jewelry designers like me who are always making the jewelry around the stone so to say.
What is a Faux Druzy?
The Faux Druzy most are made by resin and artificial breeding druzy, but some look really like a druzy. Faux Druzy is actually a thing. There are a lot of companies making them. The only way to really distinguish if you have a faux druzy or a real druzy is the backing. If it is stone ..
then it is the real thing whether its dyed in fashion colors or grey as they are in nature, which are also beautiful to those who like grey. If the backing is resin than it's a faux druzy.
At Lexi Butler Designs we believe in the real thing, so our handcrafted artisan jewelry designed and handcrafted by only me Lexi Butler featured real agate druzy in dyed in fashion colors as you see in the above picture..
I hope you enjoyed this blog post from me! I would love to know your thoughts about druzies.

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  • agate jewelry

    nice agate jewlery collection. I love these pieces.

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