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Montana Made: Lexi Butler Designs Posted: Jan 23, 2018, 9:05 AM Updated: Jan 23, 2018, 10:45 AM MST (MISSOULA)

Bending, twisting, weaving, and wrapping -- Lexi Butler has always had a love for designing jewelry. Growing up in Germany, Butler followed in her father's footsteps and became a goldsmith. She gave it all up when she moved to Montana with her family and became a full-time mom. But once her kids were older she decided it was time pick up her passion once again -- and what better place to create her treasures than the Treasure State.

”I sat down one day and it just started all coming together I guess," Butler said. But this time she gravitated towards beading and wire sculpting. ”It’s entirely done by hand and it just uses one tool just at the end to make two final loops. Yeah, it’s definitely unique," Butler said. She quickly discovered she had a niche in something that is now in high demand, "it’s definitely my new line and that is the wire sculpting jewelry line.

Nobody has been able to even come close to copycat that.” Watching her work it was easy to see her hands have a true feel for the metal. ”It kind of looks the same but the hand always feels different during the process of sculpting," Butler explained.

"This is really fun to do because I don’t have to think about measurements. I hate measurements. I never draw out anything.” When Lexi first started selling her jewelry she went to craft shows but quickly realized she could have customers around the world and she created a website to sell her wares.

The site allows her to stay under the Big Sky and run her business. ”I do not have a brick and mortar store and I do not plan on having a brick and mortar store.

I like my bubble here. My husband calls this my bubble," Butler said. That bubble proving to be the right spot as her Jewelry can be seen on actors in shows like Jane the Virgin and Riverdale.

Even though her jewelry is in the spotlight Lexi remains humble, saying she loves every piece she's created -- whether it lands on the neck of a Hollywood actress or a fellow Montanan.

Reported by Justine Stewart/MTN News

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