Limited Special Edition Covid Memorial Jewelry


For those who have lost loved ones to  the Covid 19 Pandemic  I would like to offer these two Covid Memorial Angelwing necklace  models as the first addition to my new Handcrafted Covid Memorial Jewelry Line. 

Feel embraced by my Covid Memorial Angelwing Necklaces dedicated to those we lost during Covid and are still loosing.

Handmade copper sculpted necklace which featured a custom stamped square solid copper rod with super sharp filed and slightly buffed corners and edges.

The hand crafted and hammer patterned angelwing in copper or sterling silver available sculpts around the four sided copper rod with ease and securely protects it.


The LIMITED SPECIAL EDITION COVID MEMORIAL NECKLACES with decorative sparkly with birthstone glistening sterling silver wrapped copper bail features 7 inter woven tiny Swarovski crystals to memorize the birth month of the deceased. The pendant hangs from a beautiful black braided Boho leather necklace. 

Limited Special Edition Covid Memorial Silver Angelwing Necklace with Black Crystals

The LIMITED SPECIAL EDITION COVID MEMORIAL NECKLACES with a sterling silver sculpted and hammer patterned wing features blck jet swarovski crystal in complete sterling silver wire wrapped bail. This necklace is also favored by men.

Both type of necklace can be customized with a stamped name of up to 7 letters on the third side and with a stamped on date on the fourth side on the square solid copper rod. 

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