Meet our New Retailer Elizabeth Leigh Boutique


Copper Teardrop Bangle


It is with excitement that I am writing this post today.

I like to introduce to you our newest online and instore retailer with whom I have partnered up. Elizabeth Leigh Boutique  discovered Alexa Martha Designs Authentic Handcrafted Jewelry made in Montana and must have fallen in love with our copper jewelry, specifically my wire sculpted TEARDROP BANGLE, my ADJUSTABLE TURQUOISE BEADS COPPER WIRE BRACELET and my 3 PACK COPPER HAMMERED OPEN BANGLE

Wire Wrapped Adjustable Turquoise Beads Copper Wire Bracelet

3 pack 12 gauge Copper Bangle Bundle


Tammi Murphy the founder of Elizabeth Leigh Boutique was blessed with a creative soul but, sadly, not talent enough to match her passion. Turning her attention from making items herself to making gifted artisans’ dreams possible, she launched Elizabeth Leigh as an outgrowth of her own love for Boho-inspired goods. Tammi is passionate about the environment and economic equality, both of which are reflected in Elizabeth Leigh operations. She named the company after her two zany daughters, a signal to both customers and artisan partners that Elizabeth Leigh is more than just a business. It’s a labor of love.

 We my husband and I are so fortunate Elizabeth Leigh Boutiqie has partnered with us.

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