Unboxing a Story of Artisan Craftsmanship - MY<3 2U BOX

⚡️ Provider Pulse Spotlight: Alexa Martha Designs - Unboxing a Story of Artisan Craftsmanship Each Month

Discover the beauty and artistry of Alexa Martha Designs, a Montana-based jewelry business known for its handmade artisan pieces. Born into a German jewelry-making family, the owner blends tradition with creativity, offering stunning designs crafted with exceptional craftsmanship. Some designs have even graced celebrities through The Artisan Group at events like the Golden Globes and the Primetime Emmys.

Now, Alexa Martha Designs has launched an exciting subscription box service. For $40 per month, subscribers receive a pair of original designed earrings handmade with copper, sterling silver, genuine gemstones, and more. Each package also includes special coupons and other tokens of love. Immerse yourself in the world of artisan-made quality with Alexa Martha Designs' subscription box - a monthly dose of love and care wrapped in a box​

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Questions about being a successful provider on Subkit:

Chris: You have a unique business model featuring a subscription box service for artisan jewelry. What motivated you to choose this model for your business, and how has it contributed to your success?

Alexa: My Subscription Box MY <3 2U is actually based on a fourfold approach. I am a jewelry designer who designs for a purpose with great given passion. So I came up with a cool type of super unique and stylish earring hoops featuring a unique type of long ear wires which allows the wearer to insert these earrings...

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