2022 Limited Edition of the Red and Green Holiday Christmas Wreath Necklace

Holiday Christmas Crystal Wreath Necklace now at Alexa Martha Designs

The story behind this beautiful yet complex looking wire woven red and green crystal Wreath Necklace is quite simple.

Like many other days, I believe I actually had in mind to clean my Shop or shall I rather tell you the truth and call it what it is...PIG STY. So while I was cleaning MY PIG STY I thought about the red and green crystals that were laying everywhere as I was picking them up.


As I was putting each precious sparkly round 4mm Swarovski crystals into its compartment in it's box my mind as it so often does started wandering of to the next stage.

So I took some of the red and green Swarovski crystal beads and put them in a circle in front of me and thought...I need to make a wreath necklace. The idea was already in my head as I took some sterling wire and started with putting a red crystal bead on the base wire.

 Than I took a thinner piece of sterling wire and wrapped the base wire a couple of times, before I encased the first of 8 Swarovski crystals in a beautiful complex looking herring bone weave. As a wire sculpting artist, it challenges me to always go further in my designs. While I am working on one design, I am already cooking up something totally different in a totally different jewelry making technique on the other side of my brain. Or though it seems, maybe because I constantly think in two languages, German and English.

Either way, my mind is always busy, that's probably why we now have over 230 products at Alexa Martha Designs at https://alexamarthadesigns.com

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