What is Wire Sculpted Jewelry? By Jewelry Designer Lexi Butler

Wire sculpting is different from wire wrapping! or though you often find the techniques combined with my wire sculpted designs.

Wire sculpting is done mostly by hand with very little use of pliers to close the end loops that hold the chain. Depending of how the wire feels in my hands i coil it a certain way. The wire does not show any kinks or marring from pliers as On some of the models, I hammer the end loop flat or and pattern them with a chasing hammer. Other then that no other tools are used in the process of wire sculpting

My very own design is this unique reversible sterling silver coiled necklace which is sculpted entirely by hand no tools were used except for the closing of the end loops which are connected to the chain and the hammered pattern on the drop which holds the gemstone or crystal like in the case below. 

I designed this to become an essential part of any women's outfit. Even so, it is elegant and dainty looking it can be worn to do housework or in an office just the same. Yes, you can wear the necklace to a party or out to a fancy dinner just the same. 

Another reason why it is also versatile is the adjustable length from 18-20 inches.

The time determines the price, you have probably have heard of that saying and that is true. In order to sell a sterling silver necklace with the original Swarovski Crystals at an affordable price and being able to make a true profit from it a necklace like the one pictured below cannot take more than 20 min to make from start to finish.

Every component used on this necklace is top quality solid sterling silver, nothing plated. The jump rings are 18 gauge and will not open easily.

I am the designer of Lexi Butler Designs Wire Sculpted Jewelry Line and make each necklace by my hands, so even so the design looks the same, small differences can be expected, due to the fact that it is handmade.

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